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(FUN) Salad

To be honest it can be difficult to make salads fun; but not impossible. I eat a salad almost every day for lunch. Not even primarily for the health benefits, I actually crave salads. To build a Fun Salad I focus on a few important attributes. I always have crunch, acidity, sweetness, and protein. There are an infinite number of ways to achieve all of these attributes so get creative and let the fun begin.

November is a big cooking month full of casseroles, pot roasts, pies, and most importantly Thanksgiving. With this salad I wanted to honor the most important food day of November. A bit of freshness for lunch or a light dinner while also celebrating the the flavors of the big day.

I have written the recipe to serve 4 people. I would consider it a larger portion of salad so if

you are serving as a side salad, be mindful of that. This is a salad I would prep on Sunday night for lunch throughout the week. Prep and store the ingredients ahead of time and assemble the salad as you go. I used spinach but any salad mix would work fine. The turkey and smoked gouda give a (FUN)) flavor of smoked turkey. My favorite aromatics to add to the cavity of turkey while roasting is carrots, celery, and onions. All three ingredients lend great flavor and crunch to this salad. The dried cranberries are a no-brainer, you can’t have a proper Thanksgiving table without cranberries.

I hope you make the accompanying homemade dressing. My two favorite herbs for roasting a turkey are ground thyme and ground sage. I use both to create a creamy mayo based dressing that pairs perfectly with the salad; not that I’m bragging.

Find the full recipe in your November (FUN)damental Foodie Box.

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