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Homemade Vanilla Extract

6 oz 80 Proof Vodka

2 Vanilla Beans split in half crosswise and lengthwise

Add vanilla bean pieces to the bottle and fill with vodka. Leave for at least 6 weeks before using, shaking once a week to ensure proper extraction.

For Christmas gifts last year I gave my friends homemade vanilla extract and they loved it! Good vanilla extract can be expensive but this homemade version is a great alternative. It will take about 6 weeks till it is ready but will get better with age, don‘t we all? If you start now you can use it for Winter baking or as a great homemade gift for friends, teachers, coworkers or anyone special.

In the recipe I used vodka but you could use bourbon or rum. No need to buy top shelf liquor, a mid grade option will work fine just be sure to use something at least 80 proof. Vanilla beans are also a great ingredient for cakes and puddings. If you have not experimented I highly recommend. You can order them online, the ones at the grocery store are pricey.

This is the vanilla extract I made for 2020 Christmas gifts.

Find this kit in your October (FUN)damental Foodie Box.

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