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Pisgah Coffee Roasters

In your November box you will find a sample of Pisgah Coffee Roasters.

I could write an entire blog about Pisgah National Forest. Angel and I fell in love with Brevard, NC and the breathtaking waterfalls and hiking trails. My coffee preference used to be the globally sold big-name brand that most of us drink. After drinking coffee from Pisgah Coffee Roasters, I am converted for life. The owner, Jotham Lipsi, comes from generations of coffee aficionados. This is apparent in his product. Jotham sources the highest quality low-acidic beans from Brazil. November in NC is the perfect time to sit in your pajamas with a cup of coffee and watch the day come to life. It’s even better if you’re camping in the beautiful NC mountains.

They have many different varieties of coffee with names themed to the nature and outdoor attractions around Pisgah Forest, NC. One of my favorites is the Squirrely Blend. Their tasting notes explain it as “LIGHT & DARK: full-bodied and nutty coffee, notes of cocoa, smooth finish” and I completely agree. I prefer the flavor of black coffee but typically it’s too acidic for my stomach, not this one. It is well balanced and smooth just like their tasting notes explain.

I hope you enjoy their coffee as much as I do. You can find more at our store, Salvaged Heirlooms.

Angel enjoys coffee but doesn‘t like the caffeine jitters and he struggles to find a great tasting decaf option. Pisgah Coffee Roasters Mountain Decaf is by far his favorite.

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