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Southern Hospitality

Have you ever had a guest show up at your house unnuanced and the Southern Hospitality inside you felt the need to feed them? That is exactly why I created this section. These are recipes you can 'whip up' quickly, but never compromise on flavor.

In this recipe I am happy to share a business owned by a friend Angel and I have known for many years. Samantha Cheek Swan owns Cottage Lane and she’s a fourth-generation relish maker. We met her while attending craft fairs in Wake County; nothing like sitting in an asphalt parking lot during the NC Summer to bond with someone! Her relishes, and recently released hot sauce, have won more awards than I can count but look for yourself here. Today, you can find Cottage Lane in over 100 retailers in 26 states.

As the packaging states “THIS IS NOT YOUR ORDINARY RELISH”. Samantha’s Cape Fear Spicy Pepper Relish ‘has some heat to it’ as we say in the South. Add the relish to the cream cheese to your preferred spice level. Start with half of the 4oz container and taste as you go. Or have a little (FUN) and add the whole container.

Serve alongside crackers or pieces of toasted baguette and your guests are in for a treat; assuming you will even want to share.

Find this recipe in your September (FUN)damental Foodie Box.

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