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Sweet Tooth

Do you know someone with a ”Sweet Tooth”? With this section I hope to appease your sweet tooth, at least for a short time. I tend to prefer salty snacks and savory foods but sometimes I get a sugary craving. You can be sure the recipes in this section have been tested and approved by my sweet toothed friends.

Ome of my fondest childhood memories was eating snow cream with my grandma. The vanilla extract and crunch from the unmelted sugar with the powdery softness of the cold snow while sitting in front of her wood burning fireplace is a memory I hope to always have with me. Here in Benson we typically get ice and on the rare occasion we get snow it’s mixed with sleet or there’s only a thin layer on the hood of a car which isn’t as appealing as an adult. I wanted to create a dessert that would bring back those childhood memories.

This sugary and vanilla flavored custard base topped with a homemade vanilla whipped cream gives me all the snow cream flavory without the risk of car hood debris. I am calling it Snow Cream Dream Pie

Find this recipe in your December (FUN)damental Foodie Box

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